A wildlife awareness campaign for GenZ

As Studio lead we were tasked with coming up with a creative execution to a live brief targeting Gen Z and raising their awareness of the illegal wildlife trade and the impact that this generation can have moving forward over the next 25 years.


A social media campaign was planned and needed to be brought to life. Care of my art direction and ability to dissect a brief in a clear and methodical manner we were able to respond with a creative execution within the hour.


Through desk top research, I analysed the current wildlife advertising market and combined this with key design trends that would appeal to the demographic in question. I directed the team to avoid traditional illustrated infographic, as photographic routes would deliver cut through on a fast scrolling social feed. I then combined this with on trend duotones I was able to direct the team to use black and white for the negative fear message, followed by bright colours to symbolise ‘keeping the colour and life in wildlife’. Topped off with simple infographic elements that supported ket stats and flow to aid user journey and engagement.


We adopted colour palettes that were on brand for our client, however challenged them to think in a more creative way for this GenZ campaign that has the ability to run across traditional social, facebook canvas, animations and video content.

Art Direction